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Diana Vickers Sang Hallelujah during her audition and got rave reviews from the judges! Now apparently, the winner single is gonna be that exact song.

Not only did she get a bye for being sick, while others who were also sick had to sing, she got good comments from the judges after patience which even her fans will agree was atrocious! And this new development really is the last straw.

Its quite unfair on the other contestants, and clearly a fix for her to win the competition, since they have to sing that song during the final, which will determine the winner.

We, the undersigned, call on the producers of ITV's the X factor, to not allow Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, to be the winner single for this year's x factor.

It's unfair on the other contestant, since it was sung by Diana Vickers during audition, and is clearly tailor made for her voice. A winner single should never be a song that one contestant clearly has an advantage of singing, over the others.

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