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The free world

Recently, the Armenian government has been investigating Mr. Oskanian of Civilitas over a baseless allegation embezzlement and money laundering.

The interest is to get him convicted and sentence him to long term imprisonment and retard the prospect of human rights and democracy in that part of the world.

The United Nations should not allow the regime in Armenia stifle Civilitas, the most vibrant and productive civil society group in that country. The attempt at charging the head of that organization for embezzlement and money laundering is spurious and nonsensical,for the said organization has not infracted the relevant laws of that nation and therefore should be left alone.

As a voice for the voiceless in that nation, and a potential instrument for the change, the world should not stand by and watch the destruction of Civilitas and its leadership.

We therefore call on the United Nations, to press on the regime in Armenia to call off that looming inquisition. It should also as a matter of urgency and necessity, send a mission to that country to avert and obvious danger and doom.

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