#Children's Rights
Law Enforcement Organizations, Journalists
United States of America

Protecting Children is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical responsibility of a civil society.
Ending child sex trafficking and the exploitation of children is the responsibility of all adults. Currently, the only decrease in this crime is the age of the child victims. We are the voice to demand the protection for the innocent and defenseless.
Child Sex Trafficking:
46 children per day are sold into slavery in the United States = 17,000 per year
Online Child Predators:
50,000 predators are stalking children 24/7 online
Epidemic exploitation of children:
116,000 child porn images are requested DAILY

We, the undersigned, expect law enforcement, judges, district attorneys and the judicial system to investigate, arrest, prosecute and convict all pedophiles, those found guilty of child sex trafficking and anyone violating the sanctity of children.
For those in positions of community leadership and media we support all efforts to shift a complacent attitude to an attitude of zero tolerance toward pedophiles, child sex trafficking and the violation of innocent children.

Please sign and share this petition with friends, family, and social media. We need 100,000+ signatures.
Thank you for adding your voice to protect our children.
This petition is brought to you by Vets4ChildRescue.org (501c3) dedicated to Educate, Advocate and Defend Children and to End Child Trafficking.

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