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Melbourne Water

This petition is in protest to the findings of the"Future Directions for the Liverpool Road Retarding Basin (Draft Plan)" April 2004, issued by Melbourne water, currently under public review until 31st May 2007.

The report recomends changes to the current public use of the park versus the environmental impact. Based on alleged environmental damage caused by users of the park. (Refer information leaflet and questionare 27th Sept. 2006).

It is our argument, the the report's recommendations and findings do not represent a fair and balanced approach to the future of the park, representative of;
The purpose of the area 'to control floodwaters'.
The public use of over 80% of survyed user's of the park.
The envoirenmental impact of the current use's of the park.

Our objections are;

1). Re-zoning a majority of the park to off-limit the general public.

2). Install chain link fencing across vast areas of the site creating unnecessary cost and ruinination of the natural surrounds.

3). Enforcing all off leash access to the remaining areas of the park to dogs, including access to the waterway.

4). Banning of all horse Riding.

5). Banning the feeding of the marine birds

6). Restricting access to the current birdlife.

7). Retaining inappropriate size, access and quality areas for the proposed future areas for public use.

8). Unduly affecting the welfare and well being of our domestic animals. Including tension and disputes from poorly exercised and bored dogs:
see KnoX city council publication on barking dogs.

9). Putting pressure on the envirenmental and public use of surrounding parks and reserves.

10). Contradicting The Bracks Labour party 2006 election policy, for the region. Which calls for 2 new dog parks.
(refer policy document, sub title parks and waterways).
Link http://www.vic.alp.org.au/alp/pdf/policies/Outer_Eastern_Suburbs.pdf

11). Basing the report's findings on public use of the area on an inadequate public survey.
see attached link for finds of survey of 56 park users. section 3 of report


12). Taking a non consultive approach with sections of the community. Stakehokders selected for the serious consultation developing the report, causing a bias in the report findings.
see attached members of the community stakeholders, as extracted from report.

'Consultation with key community stakeholders is to be completed at both the Site Analysis
and Draft Future Directions Plan phases of the project. The Stakeholder Group includes
Knox City Council, Maroondah City Council, Shire of Yarra Ranges, Parks Victoria,
adjoining landowners including the Salvation Army (Mountain Valley Camp) and
Community Groups including the Australian Platypus Conservancy, Knox Environment
Society and Friends of Dandenong Creek'.

13). Allowing insufficient consultation time after release of the draft, to discuss findings of unrepresented parties.
Comment closes 31st May after a 2 week extendsion from the 18th May.

14). Wastefull approach to the use of previous works and regeneration of the area. Creating unrealistic financial demands, unsupported under the current government expenditure for the region.
(see previously list Labour election policy document)

Whislt the environmental issues of the area are undeniable, we feel that there is serious debate required, regarding the balanced use of the park.

We, the undersigned, call for more consultation and public debate regarding the findings of the report "Future Directions for the Liverpool Road Retarding Basin (Draft Plan)".

We petition for a future plan for the park that includes a balanced outcome for users and the envoirenment.

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