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Pakistan Govt.

Gen. Raheel Sharif is doing a great job in Pakistan.

Every Pakistani knows that. Gen. Raheel Sharif is bringing peace and justice in Pakistan.

He is bringing a culture of law and order in Pakistan.

If anyone is involved in corruption or anything wrong for Pakistan he will and should be punished. There should be equal rights and law for rich and poor, politicians and general public.

General Raheel Sharif is doing a great job for betterment of Pakistan. If his Tenure of service is extended he will get more time to bring positive changes in Pakistan. He is bringing peace in Pakistan. He is taking great steps to remove Terrorism from Pakistan.

General Raheel sharif's Tenure should be extended so he can carry on what he is doing to bring peace in Pakistan which can help our economy in its growth and Pakistan can become even more Stronger Country.

If you agree that Gen. Raheel Sharif's Tenure of service should be extended, please sign and share this petition.

Thanks a lot
Jahangir Badar

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