Banyule Council

There are dozens of playgrounds in Banyule for primary school-aged children - several within walking distance of every house. There is NOTHING for secondary school-aged children, except TWO skate parks - one in Greensborough and one in West Heidelberg - not within walking or cycling distance for school kids.

THIS IS UNFAIR. Then the Councils wonder why youth hang around the streets with nothing to do. Teenagers need exercise and facilities too.

Skateboarding is a popular sport - if kids have no skateparks, they will still skate - on the streets in churches, schools. People tell them off, but they have no alternative!

My mum pays hundreds of dollars in rates every year. We get NOTHING for that. Lots of playgrounds for little kids; lots of new developments in Greensborough. No good to us. We live in Rosanna.

PLEASE - we would like a skatepark for teenagers in Rosanna!

We, the undersigned, call on the Banyule council to make a skatepark in the suburb of Rosanna, VIC.

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