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This Declaration is from “The Sole of Africa” presented by the Mineseeker Foundation whose patrons include Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, John Paul deJoria, and Brad Pitt. Signing the declaration and then telling you is my first steps to get behind a campaign that is truly making a difference in the world, in our own life time.

When I saw this campaign, I had to get involved. The Sole of Africa is about action, not just awareness.

The plan is simple. Clear the land mines that stifle productivity in fertile countries. This is possible now using proven technology which maps land at 100 sq. Meters a second, enabling the team to remove the mines quickly and at the same time instantly returning the vast areas of land that are not mined back to the people.

This stimulates education and commerce through sustainable agriculture. The Sole of Africa starts in Mozambique where patrons Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel now call "home". If enough people get involved the Campaign can turn the Killing Fields of Mozambique into a Kitchen for Africa. We can bring hope and healing to the millions who are suffering.

I need your help. I'm trying to get as many people as I can to sign the declaration. It will only take you a minute and it would mean so much. Please go to www.thesoleofafrica.org and add your name. The need is great.

Will you please do this with me? It only takes a minute, so please go to www.thesoleofafrica.org.za I believe that together, we can actually change history in our lifetime. Have you donated yet to the Campaign. Just a few dollars can help save a life today. A few more can deliver much needed limbs and return acres of land to the people.

The need is great and the time is now. Pleae help!

You can join and subscribe to our newsletter at:

We, the undersigned, wish to place our names alongside Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel, Queen Noor, Sir Richard Branson, John Paul de Joria and Brad Pitt, to put our foot down against landmines.

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