St. Jerome's University Catholic Community

University Catholic Community (UCC) at St. Jerome's University in Waterloo currently has a leadership void. We the community need to come together to ensure we can influence the direction the community takes. This group allows many people to be notified at once of updates or events to get together and take actions to move us forward as a community.

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Whereas the Board of Governors of St. Jerome’s University has commissioned an investigation by Snowdon & Associates Inc. into issues pertaining to the recent issues of morale within SJU and

Whereas the University Catholic Community is connected to SJU through Campus Ministry and has been affected by the departure of our Campus Ministry team because of these issues and

Whereas there exists great uncertainty about the future of UCC that has resulted in significant reduction in donations and attendance,

Whereas the University Catholic Community, comprised of members of the student body, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university, is one of the major stakeholders and supporters of SJU and

We, the undersigned registered members of the University Catholic Community, petition the Board of Governors as follows:

1. Within 30 days of the public release of the report by Ken Snowden & Associates Inc., to provide a preliminary response to the University Catholic Community indicating which recommendations, pertinent either directly or indirectly to UCC, the Board of Governors will move to implement,
2. Name the applicable board representative(s) who will lead the implementation of each specific recommendation so listed above,
3. Detail the INTERIM actions to be taken in the short term to protect the university’s best interests until full permanent actions have been developed and
4. Provide preliminary target dates for implementation of each permanent action plan.

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