Licences & Inspections Department, c/o Liquor Coordinator, City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue, Van. B.C

Independent Theatre's are closing down all over the city. We intend to save The Rio Theatre from cultural extinction, by becoming a live concert, multi media venue so that we can continue to be a viable business and remain one of the best Neighbourhood Theatres in Vancouver. We need your help to show support for our Liquor Primary License Application!

We are applying for a permanent Liquor License for our customers to enjoy a reception with liquor service at live events. The Rio Theatre has proven to be a very responsible well run business that is respectful of it's neighbours, while providing an integral contribution to the community and the performing arts culture in Vancouver. Conveniently located just off Commercial Drive at one of the largest transit stations in the city which allows patrons to stay in their own neighbourhood or take transit to avoid drinking and driving. Our programming will continue to have professional, quality, international and local live performers, such as Ron Sexsmith and Hey Rosetta. Aside from our recent lighting and sound upgrades, we will remain a community based, soft seat, multi media venue. Our primary focus is to build community and support for independent artists.

Thanks for your support!

Attention:Licences & Inspections Department, c/o Liquor Coordinator
City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5Y 1V4
Fax: 604.871.6394 Email: liquor.comments@vancouver.ca

I support, The Rio Theatre - 1660 E. Broadway
Liquor Primary Licence (Live Event) Application.
For a Permanent Liquor Licence for liquor service at live events.

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