#Children's Rights
United States of America

Often Children are being left in Foster Care for more than four, five, or more years. Their only hope (now) is a Guardian (GAL) who is appointed at a TPR hearing, usually before terminating of parental rights. The Foster Parents who have loved, cared, and nourished the children have no say or Rights in any decisions regarding the children.

If a Foster parent protests usually the Department would remove the Children and not place any more children in their care. Foster Parents who raise foster children and then lose them to a relative placement face an inhumane situation that does not look out for the best interest of the child/children, especially if the relatives knew the children had been in Foster Care for years and did nothing.

If a Foster child/children live in the same Foster home for more than one year, the Foster Parents of those children or child should have equal rights in all decisions concerning the Foster Child/Children in their home. The Court System should recognize the Foster Parents as equals to the biological parents/Grandparents, or any Guardian (GAL) Agency. The Foster Parents that are caring for the child/Children know them the best because they are the ones who are caring for the child twenty-four hours seven days a week. It is time for the Correct voices concerning Foster Children to be heard and counted in the court systems.

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