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As a Charity we have worked with childhood sexual abuse for over 15 years and are very aware that the current government agency figures only reflect the tip of the iceberg statistics of this hideous crime. There is still little understanding from professionals, of the psychological problems that occur and we hope to change this.

The Register for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, will record the numbers of adults that suffered sexual abuse as children, so finally the real statistics can be recognised by government and legal establishments throughout the world. This is an attempt to change government legislation and acknowledge the severity of one the most serious and silent crimes to children, that still continues unnoticed today.

Millions of children suffer sexual abuse and lack the support or the courage or even the vocabulary to report these crimes. You can now sign here as an adult survivor and be counted and become a strong voice for the children of today.

We the undersigned, call on Governments throughout the world to recognise the difficulties children continually face in disclosing sexual abuse. The current figures and facts are unrealistic, local governments need to be aware that we continue to fail our children as a consequence of their inability to disclose.

We endeavour to change government legislation on legal process and to show the true statistics that now reflect the serious nature of the crime CSA (Child Sexual Abuse).

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