Carriel Frazier
United States of America

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s health is rapidly deteriorating. Along with a host of other ailments, he has now been diagnosed with Hep-C. On December 18, 2015, Mumia Abu-Jamal was in court to request that his accusers release medication to treat the symptoms.

This request was denied stating that his condition is not advanced enough to the point where medical drugs can be given. 33 years of pain and suffering has to stop.

Our mission is for Mumia Jbu-Jamal “to live free or die free.”

We have been informed that Mumia Abu-Jamal, arrested on December 9, 1981 has been imprisoned on death row for over 34 years.

We are always kept aware of his progress in educating the Black Nation and feel that his release will be compatible with the welfare of society and his health. We therefore are petitioning the President of these United States, all elected officials and the “Philadelphia Prison Board” for Mumia Abu-Jamal's release.

As family members and friends, we look forward to welcoming him back into the community and to offer to Mumia Abu-Jamal our support so that his transition will be conducive to being, Again, a productive member of society.

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