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Seminole County
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A Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market is being built on the intersection of H.E. Thomas Pkwy and Casa Verde Blvd. This project is a complete surprise to me and I have lived in the Chase Groves community for 10 years.

As a basic requirement to our democratic values, municipals are required to give the public, especially those in the vicinity of the project, notice and a hearing. This provides an opportunity for our municipal officials and community to hear both pros and cons of any project. This notice was not properly given.

Though I am personally opposed in having a Wal-Mart built next to my house, I am strongly opposed to the lack of transparency and not having the opportunity to voice my opinion and have an open debate.

We are a democracy, and we should stand for this very basic principle.

PLEASE JOIN US AT https://www.facebook.com/groups/neighborhoodsrighttochoose/

We the undersigned, request that Seminole County stop the development of the Wal-Mart located at the intersection of H.E. Thomas Pkwy and Casa Verde Blvd until there is a properly advertised, transparent and publicly attended hearing of this project. There is no proof to an on-site public notice of Wal-Mart development, and thereby no true public hearing on this project. This lack of public notice brings into question the state of transparency and potential corruption in our county government.

Failure to adhere to basic democratic principles of open debate and voting, could open Seminole County to further questioning into their development practices. Studies show that homes within the proximity of a Wal-Mart do lead to increased crime and its the right of this community to have all the facts, pro and con, presented to them for open debate and voting before this project goes further.

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