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Upon the death of Princess Diana, something should have been done to make it illegal for the paparazzi to follow, lie in wait for, harass, takes pictures of, scream at, and otherwise stalk celebrities in public places. But very little was done.

The legal definition of stalking (In part) is as follows:
“Fundamentally, stalking is a series of actions that puts a person in fear for their safety. The stalker may follow you, harass you, call you on the telephone, watch your house, send you mail you don't want, or act in some other way that frightens you.

Virtually any unwanted contact between a stalker and their victim which directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can generally be referred to as stalking,”
Source: AWARE

Now, we see the same, (if not worse) treatment being thrust upon actor Robert Pattinson. These actions need to be stopped before someone gets hurt or loses their life.

On behalf of Robert Pattinson and other Celebrities who are continuously being harassed and stalked by paparazzi and their massive fan base, We have brought forth this Petition to bring about a change in the harassment and stalking laws.

The continuous following, yelling at, photographing and harassing of celebrities Such as Robert Pattinson by Paparazzi, Along with the fans loitering outside of or on film sets continuously screaming out the names of or insults to celebrities and stalking their every move is what we are trying to stop.

Celebrities are human beings and should be allowed to go out to dinner, go shopping or even to work without being accosted, harassed and stalked along the way by fans and paparazzi. It should be against the law for this to happen. We believe that the ONLY time these actions should be allowed to happen are at Public Events held in "The Light of Day", Scheduled Public Appearances such as news conferences, premieres, and red carpet events etc. Any other time it should be considered stalking with the intent to cause emotional and/or bodily harm. It should be punishable to the full extent of the law.


The Pattinson Petition from Maggie Bernal on Vimeo.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Government, to take action to write and enforce a law that shall Prevent the stalking of all Celebrities by Paparazzi and fans during unscheduled events.

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