Mike Crapo; Mike Simpson and City Council of Idaho Falls
United States of America

I am a student at Idaho State University and part of a school project we are to petition for something in believe in.

I believe in proper nutrition such as eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables and I feel SNAP benefits are being abused by being used to purchase junk food such as; chips, cookies, candy ext... and would like to put a stop to the abuse.

The Nutrition Nuts
To: Mike Crapo; Mike Simpson, and the City Counsel of Idaho Falls

SNAP benefits(ie.,foodstamps) benefit both food producers and families experiencing financial hardships. Often though, these benefits are being used to purchase 'junk' food such as energy drinks, candy cookies and chips which instead of enhancing the health of SNAP recipients actually harms their health.

As signers of this petition, we respectfully ask that regulations be put in place to ensure that SNAP recipients are purchasing healthier foods.

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