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It has been four years that the estate has given us music. All of us fans deserve something to be excited for. We miss the feeling of butterflies waiting for something to be realeased. Yearning for the moment where we can listen to what you have given us. Like other fans we would LOVE to have new music to get excited about and learn more about. Immortal and XSCAPE were amazing examples of things the estate has done for us fans. But as a collective fan base we feel as if something is being hidden from us and it is quite upsetting. The main reason for this petition is for you to actually see the large numbers of people who want this unreleased content

~ yours sincerely Michael Jackson fans.

We, the Michael Jackson fans call on the Michael Jackson estate to realease unreleased music for our personal joys. These could include completed songs that didn’t make the final cuts for the album, or the estates improved versions of demos (demos included aswell)

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