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Citadel Broadcasting, XM Satellite Radio, Sirius Satelite Radio
United States of America

A petition kindly asking Citadel Radio (owner of former ABC Radio Network), XM Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio to please air the John Batchelor Show network-wide as soon as possible.

This petition is solely the creation of a fan of the John Batchelor Show, and it was neither created nor suggested by anyone connected in any way with the production or promotion of the show, which is currently on hiatus after a 5-year run.

This petition has been prepared for ultimate presentation on or shortly after December 1, 2006 to the programming departments of Citadel Radio (new owner of the former ABC Radio Network); XM Satellite Radio; and Sirius Satellite Radio for their consideration in adding the John Batchelor Show to their lineups.

Beyond this primary target audience, it is hoped that this petition will also aid the decision making process in any other interested affiliate stations or media, as well as generating other interest in this truly groundbreaking show.

We, the undersigned, as fans of the John Batchelor Show, hereby ask the programming personnel at the above referenced networks to please:

- Visit the show Web site at http://www.johnbatchelorshow.com to hear Mr. Batchelor's "show bite" audio and other of his audio archives.

- Seriously consider carrying the show network-wide at the earliest possible opportunity.

We as fans enthusiastically agree that:

- The John Batchelor Show represents a unique, fascinating, and unmatched resource for news, opinion, and analysis of both the familiar and the obscure in international affairs and issues, including but not limited to the Middle East and the current War on Terror.

- The John Batchelor Show offers an irresistible lineup of unique and compelling regular contributors and guests that add unmatched depth and breadth to the topics discussed'.

- By its very nature, the John Batchelor Show pointedly avoids being among the plethora of hackneyed repositories of partisan talking points, ad hominem attacks, and incoherent shouting matches which so often serve to alienate and annoy rather than to inform and stimulate, as Mr. Batchelor's show unfailingly does.

- John Batchelor is impeccably prepared for his show topics and is flawless on the trigger: He is always ready with a quick quip or anecdote that summarizes the situation on the table. As one online pundit has so aptly put it in his blog, "I've not heard a Batchelor show that is not erudite".

- As Mr. Batchelor's Web site states, "The John Batchelor Show is an essential tool for understanding the new order in the 21st Century".

Thank you sincerely for your very kind consideration.

We remain,

Fans of the John Batchelor Show.

Prepared on September 6, 2006 by
William E. Miller, AS-EET

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