#Human Rights
United States of America

This Is America, where we are GUARANTEED the Right To Free Speech...

So how is it some Lunatic Fringe Government has brought us past our knees to the point a HUGE Entertainment MegaPower has pulled an $80 million project out of the market, promising to bury it.


How on Earth could a mook who considers Dennis Rodman his good friend, and has ruled no one else in his country may have the same name OR THE SAME HAIRCUT, bring 'The World's Greatest Superpower' to CAVE like this?

But, wait, there's a solution that benefits the poor people suffering under this clown-and-his-father's regime AND makes SONY out the Hero!

I the undersigned URGE SONY to arrange to have THE INTERVIEW broadcast on all ON DEMAND services for the week from CHRISTMAS DAY to NEW YEARS, with a $10 charge to be DONATED TO A HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION THAT CONCERNS ITSELF WITH THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE OF NORTH KOREA.

As with all previous fundraisers done by Cable Channels, (ie - Comic Relief), a tremendous amount of money would be raised AND the movie GETS SEEN so these filmmakers' tremendous efforts aren't wasted.

This would insure that NORTH KOREA DOESN'T WIN, and is a huge Public Relations ploy for Sony.


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