#Civil Rights
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The diversity of tribes, but united and equal, in Afghanistan is one of the characteristics that enrich the geographical, historical and cultural aspects of the country. During history, these honorable tribes, with a common destiny, all together have fought and defended this geography against the enemies with pride and dignity.
The Sadat tribe, one of the honorable and proud tribes in Afghanistan, has not been an exception and thousands of them were martyred respectively to defend the dignity and pride of the country.
Though the High Council of Supreme Court interpreted Article (4) of the Constitution as "the mentioning of 14 tribes does not mean monopoly, and inclusion of other tribes is not against the laws", unfortunately, the Department for Distribution of Electronic National Identity Cards repeatedly stated that only one of the 14 tribes will be mentioned in the Electronic National Identity Cards referencing the Afghanistan Constitution. They stated that the rest of the tribes, the names of which are mentioned as "rest of tribes" in the constitution shall be only registered under one of the 14 tribes, which is a vivid discrimination and an insult to the Identity of a multimillion tribe of Sadat and other tribes in Afghanistan. Thus, the Afghanistan Sadat tribe asks the Afghanistan government and other relevant authorities to seriously consider and address the following rightful and lawful requests:

1. According to Article (4) of the Afghanistan Constitution, the Sadat tribe, the same as the other 14 tribes, shall enjoy the equal rights and privileges, and Sadat tribe shall be included in the Electronic National Identity Cards as an individual and independent tribe.
2. Looking back to the history, the Sadat tribe has been always mentioned as an independent tribe in the previously issued National Identity Cards; and our current request is not any sort of efforts to gain further privileges.
3. With due respect to other tribes residing in Afghanistan, placing the tribe of Sadat under other tribes are considered an apparent insult to the Sadat tribe which is never acceptable. On the other hand, the inclusion of Sadat tribe in the Electronic Identity Cards bears no loss to other tribes.
4. We, the Sadat tribe, request the President Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to issue an official order to Department for Distribution of the Electronic Identity Cards to add the tribe of Sadat in their database.
5.The Sadat tribe respects and obeys all the enforced laws of Afghanistan. If the only mentioned legal request of Sadat tribe, which is the inclusion of Sadat tribe in the Electronic Identity Cards and other national documents, is not considered, we will inevitably follow different social disobedience and these will encompass heavy consequences.
With regards,

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