#City & Town Planning
Chris Roberts, leader of Greenwich Council
United Kingdom

Local Residents and Businesses are proposing a scheme to make walking round Greenwich Town Centre safer and more pleasant.

This would be achieved in part by covering over the railway cutting between Greenwich Church Street and King William Walk, for which purposes the Council must negotiate with Network Rail. The other necessary improvements require the rationalisation of existing pedestrian crossings and the lining up of these crossings with existing pedestrian-only areas.

The scheme would have beneficial repercussions on other forms of transport also and be of great practical use to resident and tourist alike.

We, the undersigned, believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to create a new pedestrian zone in Central Greenwich.

We urge Chris Roberts to take all possible steps to enable the railway to be covered and this heart-shaped walk to be created.

It would greatly assist the movement of pedestrians during the Olympic Games and would be a suitable legacy from them, becoming the lively Heart of a newly-created Royal Borough.

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