#Human Rights
US Congress Haiti Caucus, Haiti's Prime minister Ariel Henry, and Ms. Helen Ruth Meagher La Lime

More than 90 nations, including some in our hemisphere, now permit their expatriates to cast ballots, which has had a significant positive impact on corruption levels, political stability, and economic growth. Haiti is at a turning point with a worsening humanitarian crisis, ongoing political corruption, gang violence, and dire poverty. As of 2021, Haitian expatriates sent remittances to Haiti totaling $3.9 billion, or on average a quarter of the country's GDP. Only approximately 10% of Haitians are formally employed. Hence, the Haitian diaspora has primarily contributed to Haiti's economy. An estimated 2 million Haitians live abroad, with 1 million in the US alone. Notably, 80% of Haitians with university degrees are expatriates. Haiti has the most significant global brain drain per capita. Voter turnout in the 2016 presidential election was a dismal 18.11%,, with only 9.6% of the votes going to the winner. Unfortunately, the Haitian electoral process is plagued by voter suppression due to political violence and misinformation. The Haitian expatriate community wants to play a pivotal role in deciding what happens in Haiti. To achieve this goal, the Haitian expatriates must participate in elections as part of their civic duty and democratic practice.

We, the undersigned, call on the Haitian government, the Haitian provisional electoral council, and all Haiti's international partners involved in the upcoming electoral process to allow the Haitian expatriates within the diaspora living abroad to VOTE in all elections in Haiti. AnnVote.Org and all the undersigned demand that the Haitian expatriates participate in the political decision-making in Haiti. Voting is the most fundamental way for our voices to be heard and our choices to be counted. We must VOTE. The time is NOW!

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