#Children's Rights
Americans, Latin Americans
United States of America

Child migrants coming from Central America and Mexico have endured countless occasions of abuse, whether that be in human trafficking, sexual slavery, drug dealing, or transporting drugs.

We, the undersigned, are petitioning the Mexican & United States governments to assist the migrants coming from Central America thru Mexico to the United States. The enslaving of young girls & boys into sexual slavery has to stop. The numbers are in the tens of thousands.

Also, the forcing children to become drug mules must cease. Thousands of poor Mexican children are also affected. This slavery violates all human rights
conventions. These criminal acts are happening on the United States side of the border too. We demand the cessation of these criminal acts now!

The economics of human trafficking are on a par with the profits made off of
drug dealing. When these children come across the United States border, their childhood has been already taken from them. This petition to end these evil actions must be taken seriously by both the United States & Mexican governments.

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