Qantas have generated profits in excess of a billion dollars yet again. Qantas increased profits by 53% in 2007 and it is expected to post another record profit this financial year.

Qantas has also recently been fined Aus $70 Million Dollars in fines due to them pleading guilty for 'price fixing' in an international freight cartel which has also resulted in one Qantas Executive being jailed so far.

Geoff Dixon is the Qantas CEO who has increased his salary during the past two years by 48% on total remuneration and now earns $6.7 Million a year. At the same time Qantas has now increased its air fares twice in weeks to the flying public.

Qantas Employees continue to have their wages and conditions of employment eroded with workers in freight being forced to work rosters that have hurt their family responsibilities and also resulted in at least 10% reduction in pay.

Qantas's latest agreement offer further reduces their working conditions in real terms. Many of these workers and their families cannot financially survive. How can Qantas do this to ordinary working Australians and their families whilst at the same time generating huge profits?

We do not accept these corporate excesses and double standards by Qantas management.

We request that Qantas management negotiate a fair outcome for all their employees.

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