#Civil Rights
We believe that bitcoin should be free choice of all the people in Earth.

Nowadays when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are out. Many central Banks, Governments and Investment Bankers trying to restrict the Bitcoin and stop it from evolving. the question is why they are so afraid of Bitcoin?

The answer is that they know something, they understand how big it is! they know that this is can change the face of our Economy! but they want the situation as it is, the power on their hands. they understand that Bitcoin is so equal to his users that even if i would like to buy one, I will have the same conditions as Bill Gates.

Banks and Governments understand deeply the meaning of a free Economy. it means that we won't be needing them, we don't need banks to have huge impact of our life, they can freeze your account, and even put you on jail. In Bitcoin, you can't get negative value – and no one can print as much as he wants from it like any other printed money (USD, EUR, GBP), Even if George W Bush wants to go to a war on Iraq he can't just print 2 Trillion Bitcoins, like he did with Dollars, and by that Bitcoin saves his value and not cause a self-downturn like any other printed money.

Sign here if you believe that people should be free with their Banking and handling with money, like their free to choose: Religion, Sex, Profession and Career.

Sign here if you want to bank with Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency, or already banking with it, sign for the freedom for all people around the Globe, to choose what best for them.

Sign here even if you don't have any Bitcoin, but you still believe that people should have a Financial Freedom!

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