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Prosper Mudzamiri is a 30-year-old Zimbabwean man who lives in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK.

He has lived and worked in the UK for seven years, but is now facing deportation back to Zimbabwe. Why? The Home Office are considering refusal to extend his work visa. Why? A recent toughening-up of immigration laws.

Next week Prosper will apply for his visa extension and I am asking anyone reading this to please take 10 seconds of your day to support his application and sign the petition. If we get enough signatures the Home Office WILL listen.

His job is caring for the mentally handicapped, and he has done this full-time for 7 years, is established at work, and a vital part of the nursing team.

If Prosper's visa extension were to be declined and he was forced to return to Zimbabwe I think it would be an extremely unfair interpretation of our immigration laws. Prosper is exactly the kind of person we should be welcoming into our country - he works hard, pays his taxes, and has a genuine love for people and social care. He's a good guy, and deserves to continue his time here in the UK.

Please click "sign the petition" and show your support for an unsung hero of modern Britain - Prosper Mudzamiri.

Prosper Mudzamiri deserves to stay in the UK. I support Prosper's work visa extension application.

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