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Director Sylvester Stallone and Nu Image/Millennium Films

Action fans from the old school. Action fans from the golden age of the genre. Action fans from the time when real men controlled the game are on the verge of a renaissance in the form of The Expendables.

The last man standing Stallone already showed us he still has it with Rambo. Now he is proving that he is not only capable of delivering the goods himself, but is smart enough to hire the often forgotten heroes of the past. Eric Roberts, legend. Mickey Rourke, legend only just being remembered. Dolph, did his thing when he could. Jet Li, legend. Statham, for the kids and new guys. We even hear Arnold might be in this thing. This is bordering on outrageous. No, this is outrageous.

However there is one man who has been dealt a raw deal for far too long. One man who deserves better. One action star that deserves a place in this unbelievable cast. I'm talking about Snake Plissken. Action fans of old know who we are talking about here. Kurt Russell. Legend.

This petition is to bring Stallone's attention to what we at talkbackworld.net believe can only be an oversight. There is no way a movie like this gets made and Kurt Russell is not asked to participate. Escape From new York, The Thing, Big Trouble In Little China, Soldier, Grindhouse a matter of a few years back. Stallone, hire this man.

Make this movie the greatest. All fans out there who want to take this film up a level, sign this petition. Get Kurt Russell on this picture. Stallone is so great because he actually listens to his fans. If you support this petition, he will take notice and may well do this. Kurt Russell for The Expendables.

Oh and special mention for Carl Weathers, Tony Jaa and Michael Jai White if Stallone wants to lock this movie down as an all time classic.

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