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The current Labour Government are attempting to impose a new set of European laws and principles into our society without the people of Britain having any say whatsoever.

The British people have already been denied the chance to express an opinion on a constitution once. Back in 2005 a radical centralising set of ideals straight from Brussels was rejected by Holland and France before it could cross the channel and be debated within the UK.

Now, a re-wrapped version, still containing 90% of the originally rejected content has been created. But the travesty is that we are now expected to simply accept the proposals that Tony Blair signed Britain up to in the fag-end of his administration.

I say that this simply isn't good enough. The people of this country should be allowed to discuss, debate and decide upon its contents - not be excluded from the whole process.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government to offer the British people a referendum on the new EU constitution with immediate effect.

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