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The council have made the reading rooms take down the spray painted boards that were up outside the reading rooms claiming that because the building is listed the rails are also listed now that is all fair and good BUT there is no harm coming to the rails.

The Rails are simply being covered up with WORKS OF ART the rails are left in the original condition and if the time ever comes when the rooms is closed down the boards can then be taken down and you will still have the same old rails.

There are many things to take into account here such as I'm not sure but I rekon the doghouse is also a listed building yet they get to cover their rails surely the same would apply to them as the rooms.

We believe this is some sort of personal grudge against the reading rooms from members of the council simply because its graffiti.

We aren't gonna sit back and watch something that so many people have spent so much time and effort creating be taken away.

Its about time the council wised up to the crack and realised that people see this as art and not as a eye-soar.

Please help by joining this group. We will work together to get something done. Peace.

We the undersigned call for the replacement of the reading rooms dundee Graffiti/art boards orto be put back up as we believe it has been an unfair reaction from the council and an unjustified reaction!!!

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