The Daily Mail Newspaper
United Kingdom

Since August 2006, The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK has targeted the Band My Chemical Romance as a 'suicide cult band.'

They are blaming teenage suicides who listen to their music, on the band itself.

I for one am disgusted that yet again the Daily Mail, has blamed another teenage suicide on the band, My Chemical Romance. Classed as a 'suicide cult band' by the Mirror, which is completely the opposite of the aim of the band.

In many interviews they quote, 'We're definately a band that wants to save your life.'- Frank Iero and 'Suicide is a serious thing. And if you know anyone who is suicidal, you need to get them help. No one should be in pain. Everyone should love themselves. Like I love you all.'- Gerard Way. Does this sound like something a suicide cult band would say?!

So please sign this petition so that the Daily Mail can hopefully be persuaded to stop blaming My Chemical Romance for things they obviously object against doing. Thank You.

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