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Rhod Gilbert, Welsh comedian with a penchant for buckaroo and ferrets needs your help. Rhod presents his own radio show on BBC Radio Wales 11am-1pm every Saturday. Unfortunately due to the gubbins inhabiting his head and his ability to chunter at will, he ALWAYS runs out of time.

So help us out by getting him his own daily radio show.

If you like good music and random silliness then sign up and let’s get Rhod pimped across the air waves. Go on, Roger the ferret needs saving.

You can also catch Rhod on listen again via the BBC radio Wales website.

I the undersigned desperately need to hear more of Rhod Gilbert on air. Like a fried breakfast to your hangover, we need more of him and the BBC are surely the people to do it.

Please, please give Rhod his own daily show - you never know, he might cheer up!

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