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My Son is a victim of a terrible Assault. He was stabbed in the back 4 times, and 3 men were involved, that resulted in him having to have both of his legs amputated along with removing of his right lung, and a brain injury. Only 1 received a 'Life Sentencing', 1 for only 12 months, and the other 1 for 2-5 yrs but ONLY did 90 days in a' Prison Boot Camp Program'! (SAI) PROGRAM.

I tried to fight this, but lost before we even got to court. The reason I was given is because the Judge had NO Objection at the time of sentencing, because he 'ASSUMED' that Assaultive Crimes were not permitted in the program, WELL HE WAS WRONG!

I received a list of crimes with NO ENTRY, and 'Assault with a Dangerous Weapon' is NOT on that list! and the other charge 'Accessory after the fact of a Felony' was NOT on that list. Our State really needs to look at this list, and have it revised. Now 2 of these Men are back on Our streets, WALKING Freely and living their Lives as Normal. To me this is NOT JUSTICE! My Son needs your help to make our State see what there NOT Seeing!

We the undersigned understand that the sentencing is finished, but want to help Future Victims, with having the State of Michigan look and revise the Entry Level of their 'PRISON BOOT CAMP PROGRAM'. (SAI) PROGRAM.

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