Federal and State Goverments of Australia

A number of women and their families will be diagnosed with a prenatal diagnosis during a routine scan. They will be required to make a decision as to whether to terminate or continue their pregnancy, and they will be affected by that choice and its consequence for the remainder of their lives (Detailed research available).

There are currently some services available to them however many women do not know how to access them nor are they consistent in every State in Australia. It has been suggested through Prenatal Diagnosis Support Australia by its 650 members that the creation of a National Network or National Support group for families which would provide free access to counselling, targeted support, group meetings, advocacy and research as well as resources and practical services would be beneficial. This network would link all support groups and professionals so as to provide a consistent model of care. We would like to petition to receive support from the Federal Health Ministry and the Ministry for Women in creating this network/support group.

More information at www.prenatal.stephanieazri.com

I would like to petition the Australian Government for the creation of a National / State Network and support group specific for families who have received a prenatal diagnosis which would provide a list of relevant contact numbers, resources, counselling and group meetings as well as research and advocacy.

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