President Obama
United States of America

This Petition is to request the office of the President to recommend for adoption, the Cool-America Plan as a “Priority Action” of the CEQ for implementation.

We the people, stand ready, willing and able to create jobs across America by painting our roofs, pavements and buildings with solar reflective coatings that can reduce the load on America’s aging power grid, reduce C02 emissions in every major city, and lower the nationwide consumption of kilowatt hours if you will provide a tax write-off incentive.

The Cool-America Plan outlines a general program which sets the bar established by the Department of Energy for solar reflective surfaces as an important climate change solution.

Dear President Obama,

We, the undersigned, call on the use of DOE’s “Science of Cool” as the centerpiece of the Cool-America Plan. With the help of the Urban Heat Island Group, this program compares the current carbon footprint of America’s top 100 chain stores with the total (nationwide) C02 Offsets and reduced energy consumption possible if the CEQ were to adopt the Cool-America Plan to incentivize the “call to action.” Needless to say, this impetus could create hundreds of thousands of jobs for America’s out of work construction workers, veterans, minorities and all others ready to get to work.

In closing, we wish to remind you that your election in 2008 held the hopes of the American people high with the promise of a greener more sustainable country where the quality of life would be improved. America was on fire with your inspiring word “Yes We Can” as you launched a green agenda, the Council of Environmental Quality and a stimulus to inspire Americans to work. In today’s economy, hope will again inspire, and Americans are looking to you to point the way.

We believe you should finish the job you started by implementing this climate change action plan inspiring Americans to rally behind you again, in a mission to stimulate jobs and make a significant contribution to energy conservation in America with a view to improving the environment in which we all live.


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