#Animal Welfare
Clay County Florida Commissioners Office
United States of America

TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) is a great program but, still a heart-breaking one. The reason; most times you are returning these cats back into deplorable conditions. They are still at risk of illness, starvation and abuse. Creating a sanctuary can change that. That's why we are fighting for TNS (Trap-Neuter-Sanctuary), Now! Not only will we be getting them fixed we will be getting them off the streets which helps property owners as well. Everyone that’s familiar with community cats are well aware of kitten season. Even if we are not at able to fix a cat before they are caring a litter, we can be there through the process and after to ensure that the new kittens are healthy, fixed and adopted into forever homes. Think about how many kittens can be saved from becoming snake food, thrown away like trash or a training toy for dog fighting. It take only a few seconds to help. Sign our petition for Trap-Neuter-Sanctuary, Now! It costs you nothing but, means everything to a cat/kitten in need.

We are asking Clay County FL Government to dedicate $500,000 this year, 2019-2020 to the establishment of “The Cat Lady Sanctuary.” The purpose of this sanctuary is to provide permanent and temporary shelter, food and nutrition, medical care, spay and neuter, enrichment, and most of all love and care to Clay County community cats. If you are a champion for cats either in fostering, rescue, caring for & feeding colonies, advocacy, TNR, Veterinary services, whatever your superpower; Join the Movement! 500,000 signatures and as many feet on the ground as we can get to make our voices heard and count!

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