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HM Goverment of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Let us remember the Millions who the Soviets starved to death in Ukraine.

During 1932/33 the Soviet Government confiscated and exported the bulk of the grain harvested in Ukraine. The confiscation was carried out ruthlessly by special military and militia detachments brought in from Russia.

Families were left to starve. At least 7 million Ukrainians starved to death. This horror was a Soviet State secret until Ukraine declared its independence in 1991. Despite this the Government of the United Kingdom was fully aware of what had happened! The Ukrainian Government has named this tragedy - the Holodomor - to acknowledge that it represented deliberate starvation and genocide of the Ukrainian people.

The Ukrainian Government has designated 26 November as an official day of remembrance for victims of "Holodomor" - meaning murder by hunger - and other political crackdowns.

Please help us secure the UK Government's formal recognition of the Holodomor by signing this petition.

We, the undersigned, urge Her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to mark and recognise the 72nd anniversary (and subsequent anniversaries) of the Soviet-induced famine known as Holodomor in Ukraine.

We urge the UK to recognise officially that in 1932-33 the confiscation by Soviet authorities of grain harvested in Ukraine resulted in the deliberate death by starvation of some seven million Ukrainians which can therefore be classed as genocide.

We urge the Government to condemn any and all attempts to deny or misrepresent the facts about the Holodomor in Ukraine.

We urge the Government to include in the UK National Curriculum in schools a clear acknowledgement of the scale of death resulting from Soviet agriculture policy in Ukraine during 1932-33.

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