#Consumer Affairs
Ontario, Canada

The Brick Canada has failed to delever what it commit to its customers under the extended warranty contract. Many Complaint boards online have numerous complaints and Better Business bureaus have already got several complaints about their not honoring the extended warranty.

To comply with the terms of extended warranty the seller (The Brick) must clearly explain to the consumers about the exclusions and waivers under extended warranty. However, we the customers have found that The Brick Sales personnel force the customers to opt for the extended warranty and at the time of sales no body explain the exclusions under extended warranty.

But it was told to customers that they would receive the details of extended warranty in mail, which never happened. On Customers contact after noticing damages to the products bought under the extended warranty the Claim officers or customer services in most of the cases, after technician visit blame customers that it was done by their negligence and hence not covered.

While at the time of sales it was told that everything would be covered and you just have peace of mind we will be at the back of warranty as The Brick will stand and honor all of the warranties.

To protest against the wrong doings, unlawful extended warranty selling, forcing customers to buy extended warranty and misrepresentating to customers and not delivering or honoring the committments, we the Customers of The BRICK like to file a petition against the Brick and would like to file a class action suit against their gross negligence, mishandling of customers and failure to disclose honestly the terms of extended warranty.

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