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Brandon Sealey was one of Griffin's best skateboarders. He was just recently killed due to a skating incident at "The Grind" skatepark.

He helped greatly on getting the skatepark built, and only got to enjoy it for a short period of time. He would not have died if he would have been wearing a helmet.

Around a little less than half of the skaters wear helmets. We think that all of them should so that they don't end up having a unfortunate event happen like Brandon's.

Brandon Sealey would probably still be alive if was wearing a helmet.

More skaters should be wearing helmets for safety, but some of them just won't. To prevent it from happening again, The Brandon Law will be to make it mandatory to wear helmets, so situations like this don't occur regularly.

His parents greatly appreciate this. Your signature counts, so sign it. Please sign this, for Brandon, his family, and his friends. Thanks.

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