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'A Place to Call Home is a period melodrama that "delivers nonstop intrigue and cliffhangers along with pointed social critique." It follows nurse Sarah Adams who returns Down Under after 20 years in Europe and falls for a rich widower — only to find herself battling his hostile mother .The series consists of interwoven plot strands that involve romances complicated by class, religion and sexual orientation; tragic pregnancies; mysterious deaths, anti-Semitism; rape and homophobia.'
The BBC shows this Drama at 3.15 in the afternoon because " the programme was acquired specifically to play in a daytime slot," The topics covered and certain adult scenes have seen the show awarded a 15 certificate, so the BBC has cut and censored the programme in order to show it mid afternoon. The BBC says that "we believe any edits made are minimal and they do not interfere with storylines or detract in any way from the enjoyment of the series", But, when you view the original uncut version on DVD, you see significant changes of meaning in the storyline and continuity and the writers nuances are lost.
The adult themes, storylines, vocabulary etc deserve to be shown in their entirety as is becoming of a 15 rated programme - and this should be at a time when it is not necessary to cut sections out in order to show it when younger audiences will be watching. If the BBC wants dramas to show in the afternoons, then they should make sure they are lower than a 15 rating such as their other afternoon drama selections. The BBC needs to take ownership of this mistake in scheduling and redress it by placing A Place to Call Home in an evening time slot.
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We request that the BBC moves the TV Drama A Place to Call Home from it's afternoon slot of 3.15 and places it in a time slot that will not require it to be censored or have sections cut due to it's 15 rating. We propose an evening time slot that is after 9pm so that the programme can be seen in its entirety. We are confident that an evening time slot will enhance viewership of the programme and many thousands more adults will be able to see this exceptional, award winning Drama.

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