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The Secretary of State for Transport
United Kingdom

We are campaigning to bring awareness to the dangers faced by the UK`s breakdown staff everyday.

Statistics show that over 1500 people are either killed or seriously injured on the UK`s motorway hard shoulders every year. With your help we aim to reduce that figure by campaigning the motorist and asking them to be more aware when approaching a breakdown situation.

We also ask that the Highways Authorities help in changing the overhead Matrix/VMS (Vehicle Messaging Systems) to alert motorist of an upcoming situation and that the relevant authorities attend a breakdown and stay at scene until the all clear is given by the rescue worker, unless an emergency call come in.

The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, We, the undersigned call on you to change the procedures of the Highways Authorities of the UK countries regarding vehicle breakdowns.

Far too often the overhead Matrix/VMS (Vehicle Messaging System) displays warnings that have little impact on today's motorists.

We ask that these are used to alert drivers of a breakdown situation and possibly a speed restriction for the outside lane of a motorway.

We also ask that when requested the relevant authorities attend a breakdown and stay at scene if until the worker gives the all clear or an emergency call comes in.

These simple tasks will ensure that the rescue worker has as much protection given when in a breakdown situation.

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