#Movies Not In America
Toho Co. LTD.
United States of America

I have seen this movie on Youtube before and it got deleted for copy-write. It is back now but seeing an English version would be nice.

Also, this movie was intended a release this year (2011) but Nintendo cancelled it. BUT, they never said it wouldn't make a release. If we do get enough signatures, then maybe Nintendo will look at this petition, and consider it. Remember, you help the Animal Crossing Fan-base and Community a LOT by signing this.

EDIT: OK look guys... I started this petition in 2008, and it is now 2011. It only has ~100 signatures, and it takes about maybe 10,000 to get this to even be looked upon by Nintendo... At this point I give up... but I'll leave it open, in case one day, this does get recognition.
P.S. I will not share friend codes... it's nothing personal toward anyone, but its weird to ask through a petition...

We, the undersigned, shout out to Toho Co. LTD., Nintendo, and any/all North American Movie Producers, to please bring The Animal Crossing Movie to America.

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