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To the Council of the City of Charles Sturt

To the Council of the City of Charles Sturt.

Without evidence of any injury or death in SA caused as a direct result of jet ski use within 200 metres of a beach, there can be no justification for an exclusion zone.

An exclusion zone is a one-sided view driven by a minority group - Western Adelaide Coastal Residents Association (WACRA), and serves only to give power to the average resident to ‘dob in a jet skier’ (as instructed by Council through The Weekly Times Coastal 6 November 2013), without authority, qualification, or evidence of wrong-doing.

This decision further penalises and restricts jet ski riders but allows fishing vessels, para-sailers, kayakers and other watercrafts to undertake recreational activity without restriction.

Jet skis have the proven ability to turn quickly to avoid a collision, whereas the watercraft listed above cannot, and as such potentially pose more of a risk to the public and swimmers than a jet ski. As with the aforementioned watercraft, jet skis are already regulated, policed and still remain a lawful recreational watercraft.

Further restrictions such as an exclusion zone is over-kill to the regualtions already in place, and displays Council’s blatent unneccessary and unfair discrimination against the community’s jet ski enthusiasts.


We, the undersigned residents and users of waterways located in and around the City of Charles Sturt Council jurisdiction, hereby petition the Council to remove restrictions and exclusion zones imposed only on jet ski riders in the Henley and Grange areas.

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