#International Affairs
United Nation , EU and Yemeni Government

During the dictator Mr Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rule in Yemen, he signed what is so called Jeddah border treaty in year 2000.

The treaty gave the Saudis total control over the Asir, Najran, and Jizan provinces for a financial gains to a dictator and few of Al Ahmar family members as well as passing the treaty in the parliament through a parliamentarian MPs who never been elected by Yemenis.

We, the undersigned call the United Nation, European Community Parliment and Yemenis Government to totally rejecting the sale of our sovereignty territory to Sauidi Arabia without the fully consultation with Yemenis.

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The The 2000 Treaty of Jeddah petition to United Nation , EU and Yemeni Government was written by Munsif Al Yemani and is in the category International Affairs at GoPetition.