Citizens of the United States
United States of America

One out of four accidents are caused by texting and driving, so every time you send a text while driving you have a one in four chance of a crash occurring. Is that text really worth never seeing your friends again, seeing your family again, and not being able to live out your hopes and dreams. An outrageous number of 1.6 million crashes a year are caused by phone usage while driving which lead to 390,000 deaths and injuries. You are not only putting yourself in danger when you pull out your phone, you are instantly putting everyone around you at an extreme risk.

We, the undersigned call on to the United States Legislature to pass a law that makes texting and driving be considered a first offense. This means that if a police officer witnesses you texting while driving he has the ability to pull you over and give you a ticket, just like he would be able to do if you were speeding. We call onto the United States Legislature to help protect our citizens and help eliminate this problem before it skyrockets to over 500,00 deaths and injuries a year.

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