Emergency Personnel Nationwide
United States of America

In the days and weeks following the devastation caused by Tropical Storm and Hurricane Sandy (the “Super Storm”), an outpouring of assistance came forward from within and then from outside of the immediately affected region.

Such support came not only from across many of the 50 states, but also from other countries allied with the United States and the affected regions. The challenges spanned many aspects of society including emergencies, injuries and severe disruption caused by damage to utilities and infrastructure. Yet, during these times of need, so many first responders, businesses and individuals made significant contributions to assist in the stabilization and initial recovery.

Many of the participants worked as a team without individual recognition, solely in the task of providing urgently needed help. It included individuals such as first responders, fire and police, physicians and nurses and the National Guard all of whose primary purpose was to provide emergency assistance and ensure law and order.

It also included many others who are not ordinarily recognized as responders, these included volunteers who filled many needs, such as utility line workers who helped to restore power, truck drivers who helped to deliver food and fuel, construction workers who stabilized buildings, bank tellers who maintained banking, and grocery store and gas station workers and others who helped to distribute critical supplies.

Please join this petition expressing your direct thanks through this Petition addressed to each and every one of the individuals who assisted those in need in their work to support restoration and recovery following Super Storm Sandy in the Fall of 2012.

This petition is to give thanks to those personnel whose provided help at a time we desperately needed it.

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We, the undersigned, are expressing our direct thanks to each and every individual who contributed help to their fellow citizens following Hurricane and Tropical Storm Sandy (“Superstorm Sandy”) in the Autumn of 2012.

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