Media/White House
United States of America

Thank you Mr. President for:

- Derailing another great Depression & returning economic growth.

- Keeping the dignity of your office intact while so many others disgrace theirs.

- Representing and upholding our core ideal of equality & fair play, while surrounding you are so many that see neither.

- Maintaining your poise & manners under fire while fellow lawmakers forget theirs, based on the color of your skin.

- Providing millions of Americans with real health coverage

- Believing the United States of America and not just profits - YOU kept the auto industry alive and well. Something your opponent would not have done.

- When you use the word 'heritage' It represents our best ideals, unlike others
that use it as code for 'white supremacy'

- Not only taking out Osama bin Laden, & not making an ugly trophy of it - Yes Mr. President you made the call.

- Working to return us to the land of opportunity & upward mobility again, & ironically not an old-style European aristocracy that 'trickle-down' economics has brought us to.

- Being willing to cooperate and make the republic our founding fathers created actually work, again unlike so many of in Washington. We see this...

All the statements above are self-evident to us.

We, the undersigned, just want to say 'thank you'.

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