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Thanet council
United Kingdom

Thanet council charge upto £150 a month in council tax and in return we get roads and paths full of pot holes, we also have rubbish everywhere throughout Thanet's beach towns Ramsgate, Margate etc.
We have an abandoned band stand in Ramsgate.
I think it's high time we said enough is enough to Thanet council and force them to start putting back into its towns.
Better support for the homeless
New roads or at least mended ones
Band stand rejuvenation program
Street cleaners
More bins
More housing ( there are plenty of abandoned properties)

We the undersigned call on Thanet council to
Clean up our seaside towns
-Pot hole mending
-rubbish in the streets
Provide more bins
Introduce a better homeless program
Rejuvenation of the bandstand in Ramsgate

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