All Texans
United States of America

This Sovereign Republic shall enter into limited agreement with the government of the United States of America, to settle in perpetuity, all outstanding debts and/or land disputes.

As a Sovereign Republic, it shall form, recruit, train and equip its own Army, Naval and Air Forces to protect it's sovereign land borders, territorial waters, coastal borders, and sovereign airspace, along with the well-regulated Texian Civilian Militia units. The Republic shall coin its own non-FIAT currency, collect its own taxes, set its own budgets, and manage the government in accordance with the limitations placed upon it by the Texian People, and the Texas Constitution.

It shall at all times, be directed by and accountable to the People of the Sovereign Republic of Texas, in all of its actions and operations. Said government, and all elected representatives, from the President on down, shall be subject to the voice and votes of the People of the Sovereign Republic of Texas.

We, the undersigned Texas Citizens show by our signatures below that we the people of Texas stand pledged to uphold our inalienable right to alter, reform and abolish the federal government from within our state borders.

We ask that the Governor, Texas House of Representatives and Senate by the rights as stated in the Texas Constitution: Article 1 Section 2, put to a vote of all Texas Residents, the ability to use our right to withdraw from the United States of America, and form a more perfect union – The Republic of Texas.

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