#Human Rights
United Kingdom

Tesco recently banned shoppers wearing pyjamas to avoid ‘offence’, yet they continue to sell pornographic lads' mags alongside comics and magazines. Which is more harmful and offensive, pyjamas or porn?

Lads' mags are sexist, misogynistic and contemptuous of women. They encourage men to view women as sexual objects and they make fun of issues like rape, incest and prostitution. The harms of lads' mags are clearly outlined in the Home Office review into the sexualisation of young people for blurring the line between pornography and mainstream media and encouraging boys to be sexually dominant and to objectify the female body.

Lads' mags do not belong in the twenty-first century and they have no place in a family supermarkets next to ordinary magazines and comics.

We, the undersigned, call on Tesco to take a stand against the sexualisation of women and girls and to stop selling degrading, contemptuous and pornographic lads' mags in family supermarkets.

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