So, everyone knows and hates the fact that the Corruption and Crimson (Evil Biomes) will destroy Jungle blocks in order to spread. That is, Mud and Jungle Grass. This isn't a problem before Hard Mode, but DURING Hard Mode is another story. The Jungle is one of the most important biomes, as without it you can't obtain Clorophyte, fight Plantera, obtain the Blade of Grass, etc..

I propose to make the Evil Biomes and Hallow spread over the Jungle and become a cross-biome that is similar to the Corrupt/Crimtane/Hallowed Tundra, but with the Jungle instead. This is not only solving the issue, but bringing about possibilities for new enemies, new items, and more. I would personally like to see this in game.

We request to Re-Logic that the Jungle is no longer destroyed by the Corruption and Crimson, and no longer blocks the Hallow.

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The Terraria: Save The Jungle Biome! petition to Re-Logic was written by Bubby Aurora and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.