So, the 1.3 update is slated for release soon on the console versions of Terraria soon bringing hundreds of new stuff such as bosses, weapons, armor and new items. However, it was recently revealed that mostly every console exclusive item, pet, enemy and boss will be wiped. Only the exclusive armors will remain, as vanity items alongside Ocram's mask and trophy.. Personally, this is a bad idea in my eyes.. This content has been around since Terraria launched on the consoles back in 2013, since then those items and enemies have become a staple in the console version, and without them it just wouldn't be the same. I feel as though all the exclusives should become to available to everyone, PC players, console players, everyone! So, why should they stay and be brought to all platforms?
●More varation, the enemies and bosses make the game feel bigger with more variation on what you fight and Ocram was always a nice addition to the game as it allows an extra challenge, espcially when you want to fight multiple bosses at once
●As mentioned, they have become a staple of the consolve versions, removing them would upset many who have grown attached to the exclusives.
● Bringing the exclusives to every platform makes the game feel more connected, and while sure consoles are behinds in terms of updates, the PC updates are not excousives.
Personally speaking, I really do like the exclusives.. Yeah sure the items are obselete compared to 1.2 items but they hold a special place in my heart as I remember the days where I'd rush into battle with my Tizona and Dragon armor, or seeing the exclusive stronger enemy varients, heck even the exclusive pets were a nice touch. And of course, the elephant in the room: Ocram. This boss, while not being the strongest nowadays was once a tough adversary and fun boss to take on, fighting Ocram alongside other bosses was always a highlight of my time playing console Terraria. So all I can say is this: Save Ocram and the other exclusives!

Here are also some of my ideas for a reworked Ocram etc.:

We as Terraria players can save Ocram and the exclusives, so let's get Re-Logic's attention and make them aware of how we feel!

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